26. Julho 2020 - 20:00
X'treme Kayaking, Choa Chu Kang
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1 Star Kayaking Certification Course 26 & 31 Jul 2020 | Domingo, 26. Julho 2020

Aim: To introduce beginners to the sports in a safe and enjoyable way.


Basic equipment, including features of a kayak



Lifting and carrying

Launching and coming ashore

Disembarking and embarking

Forward paddle a circuit of 100m with directional control

Reverse paddle a circuit of 25m with directional control


Forward and reverse sweep strokes

Planned capsize followed by swim ashore with retention of kayak and paddle

Emptying of water

Simple beginnings of moving sideways ('J'-draw)

Simple beginnings of stern rudder (going in a straight line)

Simple beginnings of low support and recovery

Rafted 'X' rescue