31. Julho 2019 - 19:00
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Built2Build Partnership Retreat Registration (Adults & Youth 11Yrs+) | Hawaii | Quarta, 31. Julho 2019

Retreat Dates: October 23- 27, 2020
Our Built2Build Partnership Retreats are not only for adults, but young adults starting at 11 yrs old --  desiring to build stronger business bonds and relationships. Whether it's a parent and child or two adults building a business together you’ll need to improve our communication which helps us grow together. We have fun as we work on SELF & GROWTH inside and out!
NOTE: Flight is not included.
Join us for our Annual Built2Build Retreat, October 23-27, 2020, for 5-Days as we pour into each other and our businesses through intentional communication, trust building, and partnering and self- care at a private location on the beautiful island of Hawaii.
Each of our retreats...
Gives you the relaxing experiences of a rejuvenating retreat in luxury locations. All safe and intimate groups looking to make major lifestyle changes and travel around the world exploring all it has to offer within the realm of wholistic self-care practices. We have fun as we work! Included in your experience are all meals, activities, and lodging.
Wholeness Cleanse
Let’s flush-out all those unwanted beliefs, fears, and strong-hold by identifying their roots and emotional ties. As much as we think we know about ourselves is only as much as we have been taught by others and our experiences.
Individual "Me Time"
Self-care is not selfish, it's smart! During your time, you'll enjoy an intimate one-on-one with a licensed massage therapist. It's important to explore self-care options that fit our unique lives, it can be hard to fit in the things that simply feel good. It's time to be smart!
Intentional Communication
The power to communicate your intentions as you intended is a skill we barely get a chance to practice on. In a safe environment with other veterans, let's create a support circle that lends space for that practice. Let's practice expressing our values, perspectives, and beliefs in ways that you'd like to be received.
Registration Fee $525

Feasible Payment Plan

12 Monthly Installments of $290 (Starting December 2019)or

5 Installments of $580

Totally cost $4000 (This is for 2 Adults or 1-***** & 1 or 2 Young *****)
Our retreats have limited space – 8 partners tops. So take advantage and indulge in some individualized me-time activities and yoga practice. Registration open now thru January 1st (All-Deposit are Non-Refundable).  Once you have registered we will send you an event informational, intake form, and an invoice for your remaining balance.