17. Outubro 2019 - 20:00 até 21:00
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Harpenden Thermal Imaging Camera Information Session | Central Harpenden | Quinta, 17. Outubro 2019

Would you like to find out where heat leaks out from your home?
Sustainable St Albans has two thermal imaging cameras which residents can borrow; one based in Harpenden and one based in St Albans.
The information sessions last around one hour, they are held in residential propoerties and you can then book to borrow the camera for a day. 
1. Who can attend and borrow the cameras?
Residents from the City and District of St Albans can attend the sessions and borrow the cameras. The Harpenden Camera is largely borrowed by residents from the Harpenden area and the St Albans camera by residents from the St Albans area, however the District's residents are welcome to attend a session and borrow either camera. Please note however that if you attend a Harpenden information session you will need to collect and return the camera in Harpenden and similarly for the St Albans camera.
2. Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the information session?
3. What should I bring to the information session?
a) You may want to print the User Guide from the website to look at and write notes on.
b) At the session you will be able to book a date to borrow the camera. Typically, the camera is collected early one morning and returned early the next morning. Please bring your diary so that you can book a date. 
c) Should you wish to borrow the camera immediately after the session, please contact us first.  You will need to bring a security deposit, address ID, and a loan form.
4. When will I be able to borrow the camera?
You will be able to book a date to borrow the camera at the information session. Typically, the camera is collected early one morning and returned early the next morning.  You will also be able to contact us to borrow the camera again at future dates, for example if you have made changes to your house and would like to see the impact of those changes.
5. What should I bring when I come to collect the camera?
When you collect the camera to borrow you will need to bring a signed Loan Form (which you can download from the website), proof of address (such as drivers licence, utility billor bank statement) and a security deposit of £200 (cheque or cash).
6. I can no longer attend the session. How can I contact the organiser with any questions?
Places at the sessions are limited so please email thermal.imaging@sustainablestalbans.org to let us know. We will then be able to offer your place to someone else.  
7. Is it free to borrow the camera?
Yes! Although we are grateful for donations towards the costs of running this project.
8. What is Sustainable St Albans
Sustainable St Albans is a charity (no 1173118), run by volunteers, which encourages people to do local, practical things to live more sustainably.
9. Who funded the Sustainable St Albans cameras?
Sustainable St Albans has two thermal imaging cameras that residents can borrow. The first camera is based in Harpenden and was made possible with the help of a localities budget grant from Teresa Heritage, Herts County Councillor in 2014.
Building on the popularity of the Harpenden camera during the winters of 2014/15 and 2015/16, in March 2016 Sustainable St Albans was successful in obtaining localities budget grants for a second camera from Herts County Councillors Geoff Churchard (Sandridge), Robert Prowse (St Albans East) and Sandy Walkington (St Albans South). This second camera is based in various locations around the City and District of St Albans.
10. Will my personal data be retained?
Your contact details will be retained in order for us to contact you when you borrow the camera.  We also retain a list of people who have attended information sessions, so that if you contact us to borrow the camera again, or next winter, you can borrow again without attending another information session.  You can ask us to delete your contact details at any point by sending an email to info@sustainablestalbans.org. You can view our Privacy Policy on our website.
11. Any other queries?
You can contact the thermal imaging camera volunteers by emailing: thermal.imaging@sustainablestalbans.org