18. Outubro 2018 - 15:15
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next year ALL welcome again please ⁿMainEvent Los you want to live 2gether | Quinta, 18. Outubro 2018

what do you want? for REAL
Online connected with, (our) virtual group here !

many new places in South(north) spain, & PORtugal we found /connected with !

a rolling community are you interested. 2gether

we go from community to community, 2 times a year visiting helping 3-4 projects.

from october till december

we know enough (personal starting or) small eco commun(e)ities.

do you like to support or participate for longer in these places, also possible...!

making a map with nomad base's every 200 kilometers, at least.

gift DANA economy.

last winter in Portugal we started with 2 gatherings.