18. Julho 2020 - 17:00 até 19:00
Agora, Lisbon
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Meditation Class from anxiety To Calmness | Sábado, 18. Julho 2020

This month we will begin a series of fear-related classes. It will be 2 workshops on 18 of July and 25 of July at 17h (2 hours each with break). In the end of the class I will make Gong meditation to integrate the experience of the class.

On the 18 of July we will make special practises and meditations from kundalini yoga that works deeply with anxiety.

Anxiety is the most common feeling that could appear during our times and sometimes you can not even be aware that it's anxiety.

Anxiety what usually comes before fears.

It's like a top of a big mountain, the mountain is a fear, and top is an anxiety.

In this workshop we will start with special breathing practices that will help us to relax and go out from anxiety to calmness.

At this workshop you:

✔️ Calm dowm mind, come to a state of inner harmony

✔️ Open the diaphragm, let the lungs breathe deeper

✔️ Clearn the subconscious of old patterns of anxiety

It doesn’t matter what kind of anxiety you have, because of the covid, getting a new job, etc., just come we will go through it with special meditations and practises.

Please, make registration before the class by watsup +351966417670,or email email

Take bottle of water and headscarf.

Class will be in english.

Price 20 eu per class (15 eu for Agora yoga students )

About the teacher:


Olga started her spiritual journey 10 years ago, with Buddhist meditations in Nepal, Reiki , Hatha yoga and today she follows the path of Kundalini yoga.

Following the Kundalini tradition, she studied with Harijiwan, Gurujas, Guru Dev and Hari Singh. Gurujas is a renowned mantra singer.

Olga works with healing techniques, on all levels: body, soul and mind. One of this techniques is healing through selience of mind called Sat Nam Rasayan (A Master of kundalini yoga brought this healing technique to the US in the 70th).

She continues to learn and attend classes of Sat Nam Rasayan regularly to deepen her understanding of this healing technique.


She also gives Gong massages and Meditation with the Gong as she learnt how to play during her kundalini yoga training with Harijiwan. The vibrations of this instrument have a very powerful influence on our consciousness, it calms the mind and helps to relax.

You can attend Kundalini Yoga workshops with Olga at Agora, join one of her Gong bath meditation evening, or even book a personal sound therapy session with her if you feel like a gong and Tibetan bowls massage.