03. Julho 2020 - 9:30 até 19:00
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Zygoma Clinical Residency | Sexta, 03. Julho 2020


Rehabilitating Severely Atrophic Maxilla with The MALO CLINIC Protocol


Armando Lopes, DDS, MSc, PhD and the MALO CLINIC Clinical Team


• Re-thinking oral rehabilitation – Solutions for Rehabilitating Atrophic Maxilla Cases (High Skilled & Zygoma)

• Patient selection and treatment planning – Indication for Zygomatic Implants & Pre-operatory Patient Assessment

• How to manage possible Zygoma cases complications

• The esthetic possibilities of All-on-4® Protocol - Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Zygoma cases

• Following Live Surgical Procedures including Live Zygoma case(s) at the Operating rooms

• Zygoma Hands-on Sessions


Professionals experienced in implant dentistry

- Minimum Number of participants: 3 Surgeons

- Maximum Number of participants: 6 Surgeons


October 23-24, 2020

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2 Days | 6.650 Euros

We give special conditions to participants who have already attended other MALO CLINIC Education trainings, and Nobel Biocare costumers might benefit from special registration conditions, please contact us for more information or your Nobel Biocare local sales representative.


Designed for smaller groups, this observation program will allow you to follow in detail the daily work and surgical schedule of MALO CLINIC Clinical team with a key focus on high skilled cases as well as on the combination of the All-on-4® surgical protocol with the use of zygoma implants; for severely atrophic maxillae, this procedure is complemented with extra-maxillary anchored implants - Hybrid and Double-Zygoma approaches - which treatment planning and placement will be covered in detail during this training session.

Pioneered by Prof. Paulo Malo and the MALO CLINIC team in the early 90’s, the All-on-4® protocol is an innovative surgical procedure for the rehabilitation of edentulous jaws focusing entirely on the patient and allowing you to offer immediate function and excellent esthetics with a limited number of implants, eliminating the need for time consuming and often debilitating bone graft procedures.

During this program not only will you get the chance to follow several different procedures at the operating room including live zygoma surgery, as you will also have the opportunity to extensively discuss the All-on-4® protocol Hybrid and Double-Zygoma approaches with our clinical team that will take you through all the relevant aspects, from patient selection to treatment planning, and anatomic and imaging considerations, all the way through to the fitting of the immediate and final prostheses.

These approaches will also both be covered at a hands-on session. The Zygoma Clinical Residency Program will allow you to gain the skills and know-how to successfully rehabilitate severely resorbed maxillae in just a few hours using the MALO CLINIC Protocol and is complemented by a mentorship program to support you on your first cases. We also encourage you to bring your own cases for discussion and treatment planning.

• 20-years track record of All-on-4 Rehabilitation Cases, 800 Cases/year in average;

• 93 peer-review scientifically articles published and 44 R&D currently ongoing projects;

• Dedicated team and over 60 clinicians involved in R&D activities

• A multidisciplinary team with undisputable know-how, and experience in training & education activities.