03. Julho 2019 - 18:00
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Copy of Introduction to Mindfulness & Meditation Course/Drop in Workshops | The Health Works | Quarta, 03. Julho 2019

INTRODUCTION TO MINDFULNESS & MEDITATION COURSE - For beginners and regular practitioners
The mind is like a muscle, it needs exercise to stay strong. Neuroscience is providing outstanding evidence that the brain is more plastic (as in its ability to be manipulated to change), than was once thought, and that by strengthening neural pathways, we can develop new ways of thinking and responding to life's challenges. Meditation is a transformational tool which when practiced regularly, can help us respond more effectively to everyday stress and gain more control over our thoughts and emotions. Studies into the brain have shown that people who meditate regularly have a reduction in cortisol (a stress hormone responsible for the fight, flight or freeze response), making them better able to cope with stress, are generally more relaxed, happier and less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression among many other benefits including improved memory and cognitive function. But setting up a daily practice can be challenging and so this course has been designed not only to teach the basic principles and reliable techniques, but also to give you the tools to overcome barriers and excuses for creating a daily practice. Sessions last 1 hour and will be focussed around developing skills in the following: Week 1: Introduction to meditation, what it is and what it is not. Why we meditate and how to set up the foundations of a good practice. How to meditate. Week 2: Developing a practice, meditation objects, watching the breath. Week 3: Watching thoughts, mind wandering and what to do, deepening awareness of meditation objects. Week 4: Body scanning, mindfulness of body, bringing meditation into everyday situations. Week 5: Gratitude, using meditation to cultivate loving kindness. Week 6: Going deeper, longer meditations, distractions and how to use them. Week 7: The parts of the breath, strengthening the ‘meditation muscle’. Week 8: Making meditation stick, securing our practice, what next. Course start date: Wednesday 3rd July, 2019 Time: 6-7pm Cost: £8/£6 concessions (for concessions please bring evidence of benefits on the first day of attendance).  Classes take place at The Health Works, 111a *** Street, Walthamstow E17 4RX Please wear loose clothing and feel free to bring along any cushions if you wish to use your own. Please note: this is a secular course which acknowledges some Buddhist meditation techniques but is not tied to any faith and you will not be taught any aspects of the religion or its practices. Although meditation can help with stress reduction and management, this course is not equivalent to an MBSR/MBCT, or any other medically approved course and you will not receive a certificate upon completion. It is advisable that if you are suffering from extreme stress, depression or anxiety, you should seek medical advice before entering onto this course.