20. Novembro 2020 - 10:00 até 17:30
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Stepping Stones Friday, November 20th 2020 | October Gallery | Sexta, 20. Novembro 2020

Stepping Stones. A refresh and practice workshop.
Friday, November 20th 2020.  
This refresh, practice and supervision workshop is open to the growing community of coaches and facilitators who have trained or are in training with Coaching Constellations. Whether you have just completed 'Fundamentals Part I' or waiting to begin 'Practitioner' you are welcome - this is life long learning and all somatic practices take time and repeated contact to truly embody.
The workshop is designed to nourish and resource your learning to date as you bring the approach into your professional practice. Each workshop will offer a structure that includes fresh teaching input and exercises as well as time and space to respond to the needs of the individuals in the group as they emerge. 

All Stepping Stones workshops are £145 per place. The total ticket price is made up of that fee plus VAT and the EventBrite ticket administration fee. You will recieve a VAT receipt on payment. 

If you are a coach, consultant, HR or L&OD manager who has completed a part or the whole of the Coaching Constellations training you will be welcome. You may be:

Wanting to keep connected with this philosophy and methodology
Looking for support in a particular area of application
Wanting to practice introducing and facilitating constellations
Looking for systemic supervision on a client case or relationship dynamic
Wanting an embodied refresh of the stance, principles and practices of systemic coaching with constellations
Looking to connect in with the growing community of like-minded system-orientated coaches and practitioners who have trained with Coaching Constellations

Questions around any aspect of the stance, the organising principles of systems or the practical application with individuals, teams or groups are all welcome.
To keep administration to a minimum the London Stepping Stones workshops are only accessible through this Eventbrite system. For queries please contact us through the main website here. 

This refresh and practice workshop begins at 10:00 and ends at 17:30 and is open to a maximum of 12 people on a first come, first served basis. The number of tickets available is shown when you click on the green 'Tickets' button above.