24. Agosto 2017 - 23:00

Festival FORTE 2017 | Festival Forte | Quinta, 24. Agosto 2017

24 . 25 . 26 AUGUST 2017

Opening AV Show
Lydia Lunch, Mia Zabelka & Zahra Mani present ‘Medusa's Bed’

Adriana Lopez, Amulador, Apart, Becka Diamond, Blawan, Byetone, Clark, Danny Daze, Dasha Rush, David Rodrigues, DVS1, Ellen Allien, Ex Continent, In Aeternam Vale feat Anneq, Jeff Mills, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha HHY, Kangding Ray, Lucy, Lussuria, MANU (Soniculture), Michael Mayer, Nathan Fake, Ninos Du Brasil, Oscar Mulero (oficial), Peder Mannerfelt, Phase Fatale, Ron Morelli official, Shifted, Shlømo, T.Raumschmiere, Techno Widow, Traversable Wormhole, Varg, Vatican Shadow, XNX

Generative Gardens: Jaygo Bloom and Malo Lacroix
Stage Visuals: Olga Studio


THURSDAY // 24 AUGUST 2017 // 22H00pm - 09H00am
Opening A/V Show
Lydia Lunch, Mia Zabelka & Zahra Mani present ‘Medusa's Bed’
Blawan, Byetone, Clark, Kangding Ray, Nathan Fake, Varg

FRIDAY // 25 AUGUST 2017 // 22H00pm - 09H00am
MANU (Soniculture), Apart, DVS1, Jeff Mills, Lucy, Oscar Mulero (oficial), Peder Mannerfelt

SATURDAY // 26 AUGUST 2017 // 22H00pm - 21H00pm
(includes Sunday)
Adriana Lopez, Amulador, Danny Daze, Dasha Rush, Ellen Allien, In Aeternam Vale feat Anneq, Michael Mayer, Ninos Du Brasil, Phase Fatale, Ron Morelli official, Shifted, Shlømo, T.Raumschmiere, Traversable Wormhole, Vatican Shadow

Generative Gardens: Jaygo Bloom, Malo Lacroix
Stage Visuals: Olga Studio.
Ex-Continent, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha HHY, Lussuria,
Techno Widow, XNX
The general three day admission is on sale in limited quantities for 100 €, online and 105 € at participating outlets.
Daily Tickets are on sale for 50€ online, and 55€ at participating outlets.
Online tickets are available at:

Booking charges apply except on purchases through Sonic goods.
All tickets include free access to the campsite located within walking distance from the castle.
Due to the limited capacity of the castle, attendance is limited to 5000 spectators per day.

More info at: info@festivalforte.com
  • Hey, help me!
  • The Raver, Ellen Allien at Festival Forte 2017. // let me know if you need tickets.*
  • T.Raumschmiere at Festival Forte 2017. // let me know if you need tickets.*
  • Ninos Du Brasil 💪
  • 4 tickets from Malta (Europe) were bought last night. After attending Festival Forte in 2015, I will be attending the festival once again this year. Year after year, Forte continues to strengthen its position as the best Techno oriented Festival which quality of the music together with its great organisation, organisers and venue will bewitch and haunt you eternally.
  • All aboard on the Forte Express.Now you can reserve connections between Porto and Lisbon airports to the Castle of Montemor-o-Velho.. There are also 2 bus routes from Madrid and Seville, Spain. Tickets, travel, accommodation and custom bundles are available at sonicgoods.com. #festivalforte
  • "Earlier this year Nathan Fake released his keenly anticipated fourth album “Providence” to rapturous acclaim. FACT hailed it as “career defining… one of the best electronic albums you’ll hear in 2017” and DJ Mag made it their “Album Of The Month”. On this follow-up “Providence Reworks: Part I” EP, Fake delivers a brand new track ‘Bosky’: “a spiky, but warm and pretty raw Roland/Boss Analord-inspired studio jam with synth autoharp improvisation”; calls on Tessela and Truss (XL, R&S, Perc Trax, Poly Kicks) aka Overmono and Huerco S. (Proibito, Software) to rework album highlight ‘DEGREELESSNESS’ (feat. Prurient) and additionally showcases the talents of Polish composer and multi-instrumentalist Olga Wojciechowska who submits a stunning modern classical interpretation of ‘HoursDaysMonthsSeasons’." Decoded Magazine
  • Varg at Festival Forte 2017. // let me know if you need tickets.*
  • Música #Forte2017 #TecnhoAintNoFluffyThing #TicTacForte2017
  • I'm looking for 1 ticket for Festival Forte 2017 (Friday) on August 25, 2017.
  • https://www.ticketswap.pt/listing/festival-forte-2017/1390810/63764fae0c
  • Hello, if you are looking for accomodation close by check out our homepage. We offer single and double rooms and dorm spaces. Transport to and from the festival can be arranged too. http://www.avidanja.org/individual-guest-and-group-program Please get in touch for prices and booking.
  • Festival Forte daily line up is here! <3 Isn't it beautiful?! :D For Tickets and all the info about the festival like where to stay, how to get there and travel discount´s... talk to me ;) (919359943)
  • ‼️‼️2 bilhetes Forte Festival por 160€ Negociável 👌 MP‼️‼️‼️
  • Amulador is a moving entity. Always circumspect, he activates the mechanism and dives into the unknown. Away from the hype and from the enlightened figure that is associated to DJs, he rather focus the spotlight into the columns, delivering risky and nonconformist music, capturing the most abstract and pulsating edges of today's electronic music. He combines high-speed trips with different perspectives, that can be melodic and subtle or rhythmic and scathing. Deviant walks through peculiar landscapes are marked with mirages of expectation, opening doors to cinematic fantasy. Amulador makes his name through the quiet shadows, initiating a musical continuum without precedent. He may be a rare appearance, but always a strong one.
  • Kepler radio show at Rádio Universidade de Coimbra will be giving away general admissions for Festival FORTE. Stay tuned. 107.9 FM // www.ruc.pt.
  • Hi, There is a post or site where to publish the car sharing for the festival? I'm looking for a car for me and my friend from Porto. ;)
  • Vatican Shadow #festivalforte
  • Selling 2 tickets - 4 days festival - 90 each !
  • Studio Essentials: Varg One of the electronic music's most prolific producers talks us through his studio gear.
  • https://www.ticketswap.com/listing/festival-forte-2017/1380255/d2f3fa8b55
  • are you gonna miss it?? Celebrate 20 Years of Hospital Productions From the end of the afternoon of Aug.26 until the morning of Aug.27 Hospital will takeover the castle, theatre and camping site of Festival Forte displaying it's full range of exquisite artists. Camping is Love 16h30 - 18h30 Becka Diamond Teatro Esther De Carvalho 19h00 - 20h00 Ex Continent 20h00 - 21h00 Lussuria Castle of Montemor-o-Velho 01h00 - 02h00 Traversable Wormhole 02h00 - 03h30 Phase Fatale 03h30 - 04h30 Vatican Shadow 04h30 - 06h00 Shifted 06h00 - 07h00 Ninos Du Brasil 07h00 - 09h00 Ron Morelli official https://www.facebook.com/events/1238804532895185/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%224%22%2C%22feed_story_type%22%3A%22308%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D