10. Maio 2019 - 14:00
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Warrior Unchained: Live (3-Day Women's Retreat/Workshop) | Wintergreen Resort and Conference Center | Sexta, 10. Maio 2019

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Rediscover Yourself

Are you a mom?  Are you craving a little R&R and some positivity in your life?  Are you dying for some ***** conversations with women who will lift you up, rather than tear you down? 

Are you working a 9-5, putting in your 40 hours and feeling like you're not accomplishing anything?

Are you an entrepreneur?  Are you going 100 mph all day, every day?  

Are you a woman who just needs some uplifting, positive energy and a kick in your backside to finally set some goals, lace up your sneakers and run towards your dreams? 

Have you been beaten down by life, faced bigger obstacles than you thought you could handle? 

Have you been afraid to take the next step in life due to fear? 

Have you thrown up your hands, feeling unworthy of something better? 

Are you desperate to find your inner Warrior? 

Imagine what your life would look like if you found your inner Warrior and unchained her!  Imagine what your life would look like if you could push past fears!  Your Warrior Unchained is an unstoppable force - a woman with a purpose, a clear vision, and the power to conquer any obstacles that come between her and her dreams! 
YOU are that Warrior Unchained! 
You need to take a breath.  
You need to pause.
You need to feel alive again.
You need to conquer your fears.
You need to reignite your passions. 
You need to rediscover yourself! 
Warrior Unchained: LIVE is the premier event you've been waiting for!  With 8 amazing, motivational, empowering, insightful women taking the stage - they will inspire you to feel alive again! 
You'll hear incredible stories of women who have been to **** and back, who are succeeding beyond their wildest dreams!  You'll learn how to cope with stress, push past fears, treat your body with kindness, find peace, rev up your energy, and align your body, mind, and spirit.  You'll learn how to communicate more effectively at work and at home. 
We will come together as women, as wives, as mothers, as daughters, as friends - as the incredible badasses that God designed us to be! 
In 3 days - you will have the complete experience of personal growth, mindfulness, peace, healing, and energy. 
In 3 days - you will receive a 10-min chair massage, Saturday & Sunday morning you can choose between yoga or a cardio kickboxing style workout called Rebel Warrior, and Sunday morning you'll enjoy a guided meditation by #1 best selling author, life coach, and hypnotist, Krysti Turznik.  You will enjoy catered meals, dance breaks, breakout sessions, networking, and make a ballroom full of new friends! 
In 3 days - you will hear 8 professional female speakers who will teach you, inspire you, empower you to dream bigger, love harder, forgive faster, live with passion, and treat yourself and your body with love and kindness. 
In 3 days - you will rediscover yourself and become a Warrior Unchained!
Vip Party
Join us for the exclusive VIP Party Saturday night!
Formal VIP dinner
Celebrity Guest Entertainment:  Medium, Diane Doyle
Speaker Meet & Greet
VIP Swag Bags
20 Minute Chair Massage
Cash Bar with 2 Free Drink Tickets
VIP Dance Party
* Limited VIP Tickets Available *