21. Julho 2020 - 16:00 até 20:00
Tunel das Sete Cidades, Praia Da Vitória
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Healing In Nature | Terça, 21. Julho 2020

Do you want to experience the complete harmony with yourself and the nature around you?

Book this very special relaxation therapy next to the lagoon of Setes Cidades that was designed specifically for this reason!

Let go of the stress, loosen up your body&mind and get in touch with the energy of São Miguel!

What do you need to wear for the session?

You need to wear comfortable clothing (long cotton trousers and a cotton shirt).

Where does the session takes place?

Nearby the water tunnel of Setes Cidades, around the pick-nick area.

About a session:

The first part is about the motion:

40 minutes massage-like healing therapy by tactile movements on a professional Massage table without the use of oil. 100% pure natural essential oils are used on the pulse points to support your complete relaxation.

The second part is 15 minutes of inner stillness and recuperation of your body and mind.

Open up to your source energy, let go of your tension and let in the healing powers of the island of São Miguel into your being!

Book now on +35 1 91 770 6225 with host (Sophie Füzi)

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