28. Agosto 2020 - 21:00
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Advanced Course Vital Impulses Relationship Dynamics - Singapore | Sexta, 28. Agosto 2020

This course is open to all - regardless of if you have done the Basic course in Nutripuncture®

'Vital Impulses – Relationship Dynamics' is the key Nutripuncture® course to understanding the deeper levels of work in Nutripuncture®.

In this class, we shall focus on some of the different types of relationship dynamics and how to support a deeper sense of identity through the use of various Nutripuncture® sequences. We shall learn how to resolve conflicts within relationships and achieve ever-increasing levels of freedom, harmony and good health. The focus will be on applications, both for self-development and for working with clients. This is perhaps the most important of all the intermediate Nutripuncture® training and, is essential to understanding the essence of Nutripuncture®.

Being a man or a woman is a very powerful biological factor in the learning process of relationships with others.

Communication with others is guided by a fundamental code: the recognition of our own gender and that of the other.

Course structure

During this workshop, you will learn about the instinctive attitudes that are activated, from early childhood to puberty, programming us with specific behaviours in our relationships, communication, and sexuality.

Our communication can be greatly enhanced when we restore the vital currents that are not balanced, with respect to specific behaviours. By acting from our gender identity, we can reach our full potential.

We shall look at the different patterns and identify which ones are activated in your relationship with others, and how you can regain your individuality.

We shall go deeper into the vital impulses dynamics, which condition your communications with others.

The workshop includes both theory and practical cases and will allow you to further enhance your experience and understanding of the vital impulses.

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