07. Setembro 2019 - 8:45
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Forest Bathing: An Introductory Experience | International Forest Bathing Day 2019 | Singapore | Singapore Botanic Gardens | Sábado, 07. Setembro 2019

With every breath, feel your stress wash away. With every sense, invite them to immerse in nature. With your feet, connect with the supporting Earth below.

7 September is International Forest Bathing Day. Join people around the world to immerse in forest bathing walks led by ANFT certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guides. Celebrate your connections to nature and all sentient beings. Celebrate your well-being. Celebrate the joy of living.

Are you curious about what forest bathing or forest therapy is? Have you been keen to try but holding back, unsure if you can 'survive' a 2.5 hour slow immersion? Or are you missing the sensations of calm and peace from your previous forest bathing session?

These special 1.5-hour introductory experiences will introduce you to the basics of guided forest bathing, and ease you into the zones of tranquility. Ending off with a delightful tea ceremony, we hope you experience the joy of nature, the joy of slowness, the joy of living!

Forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku, is not just a stroll in the park. It is also not hiking. Through a series of invitations, you will be facilitated to awaken your senses to deepen your connection with yourself, with nature, and with others.

In this forest bathing class, we focus on sensory connections to nature. We take on an immersive walk of no more than 800 meteres, and this immersive experience in nature will benefit you by providing the much needed mental rest and rejuvenation.

The fast paced lifestyles that we are accustomed to in Singapore can cause a great deal of stress - physically, mentally and emotionally. Living in such a dynamic environment, most of us never have the luxury to consciously slow down and introspect, and are not aware of the accumulated pressure in our minds and bodies. Science and research studies on forest bathing have quantified health benefits including improved mental clarity, increase body immune functions, increase production of anti-cancer proteins, lower stress levels, lower blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure. Forest bathing also provides a much-needed time out to do-less, mind-less and care-less. By taking care of your self, you can then lead and do better for others in your life.


Rest, renew and refresh your heart, mind and body.

Learn and experience connections to nature.

Enjoy physiological health benefits.

"This was a beautiful experience. I really enjoyed just slowing down and thinking about my environment in a different way."

"I will recommend forest bathing for anyone who is looking to decompress from a hectic or stressful lifestyle. The session helped me to appreciate our natural surroundings and witness the significant impact it contributes to our physical well-being. It felt good to slow down and enjoy a respite from our overactive minds. The experience immediately refreshed my mood and made me feel better emotionally at the end of the session."

"Good for de-stressing and great fun!"

Number of participants: Minimal of 5 participants and we take up to a maximum of 12 particpants.

Am I suitable for forest bathing if I have never hiked nor spent much time outdoors?
Forest bathing is designed to be accessible to everyone of varied fitness and outdoor experience. The class is conducted at a slow pace and we typically cover no more than 800 m for the entire session. We typically walk along well-established pavements in the gardens and grass lawns, and is very convenient and safe for everyone. The routes are also mostly level and no significant physical exertion will be required.
Is there a minimum age requirement for this class?
As forest bathing is a slow, mindful and contemplative class, it may not be suitable for children under the age of 13. However, if you think that your child would benefit from the class and would enjoy the pace, he/she is welcome to register as a participant and join us. 
What if it rains?
This is a light rain or shine event. Generally, classes are cancelled only in the event of very heavy downpour or if there is risk of lightning. In such situations, we will personally contact you at least 30 minutes before the meeting time to confirm if the class will proceed or be cancelled. For classes that are cancelled by the host/guide, participants can register for another class without any additional charges. However, there will be no refunds.
Are we really walking in a forest? 
Forest bathing allows a person to connect with nature. Nature exists outside forests too. City gardens, parks and beaches are some examples where meaningful connections with nature can take place and for you to receive your well-deserved mental and emotional recharge. 
What happens when there are not enough participants to start the class?
We rarely cancel classes due to small number of participants. However, if we do, paid registrants will receive notifications from us and will be entitled to register for another class without any additional charges. 

Youmin is a certified nature and forest therapy guide and a yoga nidra facilitator. A pioneer in Singapore and the Southeast Asia, she is passionate about sharing nature connections and deep restorative rest for well-being, especially for stressed out and disconnected city dwellers. In this frantic world we live in, she believes that we need to go into the 'rest space' to find ourselves, we need to slow down in a practical manner, and then, we can thrive sustainably. Working with individuals, groups and organisations, Youmin's intention is to support them to rise up as well-rested leaders. She has also guided and taught at overseas workshops and retreats including Finland, Bangkok and Chiang Rai. Her work has also been shared at international and local conferences, as well as publications. She is the founder of Xiu Nature Connections and is an active contributor of the Shinrin-yoku 森林浴 Forest Bathing - Singapore community.

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