18. Novembro 2020 - 9:00
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Certified Talent Management Practitioner Program: IN-CLASS (WINNIPEG) | | Quarta, 18. Novembro 2020

To REGISTER: CALL 866.518.7454 or WRITE: academy@cdnhr.com
VISIT US: https://canadianhracademy.com/talent-management-certification/
This program equips participants with the competencies, knowledge, best-practices, and resources required to design and implement leading-edge practices in Workforce Planning, Agile Talent Management, Strategic Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement, Talent Pipelining, High-Potential employee development, Talent Reviews, and Talent Analytics to measure the impact of Talent Management within organizations.Deepen your credibility at the Boardroom table. Learn how to create Talent Intelligence within companies. Show how Talent Management benefits organizations. Guide teams through the entire Talent Management value chain.WHAT MAKES THE CTMP PROGRAM UNIQUE:

This is the first program in Canada where you can become certified in the area of Talent Management.

You are not required to re-certify once you have earned the CTMP. After you have this credential it is yours to keep, for life.

The CTMP is portable across all provinces and territories in Canada. It is not jurisdiction-specific.

The CTMP is a graduate-level credential and is accessible, only, to individuals who have completed a program (certificate, diploma, or degree) at a post-secondary institution in Canada or elsewhere.

The program is fully accredited by CPHR Alberta & Northwest Territories, CPHR Saskatchewan, CPHR Manitoba, CPHR British Columbia & Yukon, and HRPA for Ontario.

What you get:

Certified Talent Management Practitioner certificate

Program manual/workbook

‘CTMP’ Lapel Pin

Topics Covered:

Talent Management: What it is

Where Talent Management Fits

Agile Talent Management

Corporate Planning: Strategic View

Workforce Planning: Demand for Talent

Workforce Planning: Supply of Talent

Talent Acquisition: Overview

Talent Acquisition: Sourcing

Talent Acquisition: Attraction – What Works

Talent Acquisition: Recruiting – Legal Considerations

Talent Acquisition: Recruiting – What to Look for

Talent Acquisition: Competency Based Interviewing

Talent Acquisition: Accommodation/Equity

Talent Acquisition: Psychological Assessments

Talent Acquisition: Selecting

Talent Acquisition: Internal Equity Considerations

Talent Acquisition: Onboarding Value Chain

Talent Acquisition: Mitigating Retention Risk

Managing Performance: Fundamentals

Agile Performance Management Practices

Managing Performance: Tools

Managing Performance: Emerging Leaders and Executives

Managing Performance: Emotional Intelligence

Managing Performance: Developmental Plans

Managing Performance: Talent Reviews

Managing Performance: Crucial Career Conversations

Training and Development: Fundamentals

Developing Talent: Approaches

Developing Talent: Best-Practice Model

Developing Talent: Special Assignments

Developing Talent: Global Assignments

Developing Talent: Supporting Expatriates

Developing Talent: Why International Assignments Fail

Developing Talent: Repatriation

Succession Planning: What it is

Succession Planning: Interim Leadership (Replacement Planning)

Succession Planning: Strategic Reasons

Succession Planning: Employee Role

Succession Planning: Chart

Succession Planning: Who Gets Promoted? Who Doesn’t? And, Why?

Succession Planning: An Unfortunate Truth About Promotions

Succession Planning: Who has High Potential?

Succession Planning: 9-Box Talent Model

Leadership Derailers

Voluntary Exits

Involuntary Exits

Involuntary Exits: Just Cause

Constructive Dismissal

The Termination Interview

Avoiding Wrongful Dismissal Lawsuits

Total Rewards: Strategic Importance

Total Rewards: A Close Look

Total Rewards – Compensation: Raises? Bonuses? Both?

Total Rewards – Compensation Weighting: Fundamentals

Total Rewards – Compensation: Where to Pay v.s. Market

Total Rewards – Compensation: Employee Recognition

Total Rewards - Relational Rewards

Total Rewards - Agile Approaches

Retaining Talent – Strategic Importance of Pipelines

Talent Management Metrics: Lead Measures

Talent Management Metrics: Lag Measures

What you get:

Certified Talent Management Practitioner certificate

Program manual/workbook

‘CTMP’ Lapel Pin

PRICE: $1675 + tax
To REGISTER: CALL 866.518.7454 or WRITE: academy@cdnhr.com VISIT US: https://canadianhracademy.com/talent-management-certification/