02. Outubro 2019 - 8:30 até 11:30
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Using Target Tracker within a Changing Assessment Landscape - Worcester | Worcestershire County Cricket Club | Quarta, 02. Outubro 2019

Using Target Tracker within a Changing Assessment Landscape 
The curriculum is at the heart of what all schools do.
Currently, school leaders are reviewing not only the design of their curriculum, but also the processes and systems they use to match Implementation and Impact to Intention.
Created and developed by educational experts, Target Tracker is well placed to help schools with the process of managing and monitoring the curriculum. The assessments entered into the software provide evidence of both progress and impact. Over 40 reports complement curriculum design and allow leaders to analyse the depth and breadth of curriculum coverage.
For this reason, we are providing a FREE CPD event near you.
We want to share our vision of best practice, showing how to use Target Tracker to both manage assessment and deliver an outstanding curriculum.
The content of the programme demonstrates how Target Tracker provides reassurance to schools as they navigate through this period of change. Here is what we have planned for this event:

Curriculum Management using Target Tracker.
Useful reports which produce data to demonstrate both the efficacy and impact of the curriculum.
A demonstration of current software capacity, encapsulating our values and the flexibility within the software.
A guide to recently added features.
A practical session about using other assessment data sources to make Target Tracker judgements.

We'll also introduce an exciting partner product with innovative solutions for the classroom.
Join us to find out more!